Hulu Plus Now Available on Nintendo Wii

Hulu Plus is considered as future of online and on-demand television viewing. It lets you watch hit TV shows and acclaimed movies anytime in HD with limited advertising.

On Thursday, the popular video streaming service added another feather to its cap by announcing its availability as an option for Nintendo Wii. Earlier, it was available on Apple iPad and iPhone and sometime later Hulu introduced Hulu Plus, in June 2010 with PlayStation3 integration.

Now, with the addition of Hulu Plus to Nintendo Wii, millions of users will get even more options for streaming premium TV show and movies. Nintendo Wii offers unforgettable gaming session apart from streaming TV episodes and movies, using Netflix.

Functionaries at Hulu originally promised Wii users would be getting access to Hulu Plus streaming service somewhere around the end of 2011, but things didn’t work out exactly as intended. However, after few more added months of waiting, Nintendo Wii users will finally be getting what they really waited for so long.

The Hulu Plus app can be downloaded from the Wii Shop Channel. The app itself is free but using it will cost users the standard $7.99/month. Besides, Hulu Plus subscription can be activated on more than one device. In my honest opinion, the multiple interfaces have helped Hulu spread the paid service: Last year alone (In September), Hulu Plus crossed 1 million subscribers mark, and is still counting.

Though Wii has few shortfalls, especially in terms of PC connectivity, it is assumed that its decent web browser and support for services like Hulu and Netflix could encourage the device adoption among non-gamers.

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