iCade 8Bitty – A Retro-Styled Game Controller for Apple and Android Devices

A month back, we featured Gamepad, a physical controller that helped you get a console-like experience on touch screen devices such as iPad for playing. The controller from 60 Beats however, made use of a 4 foot cable for establishing a connection right into the head-phone jack instead of a 30-pin connector.

ThinkGeek has come up with a unique old styled peripheral, a Bluetooth gamepad, dubbed iCade 8-Bitty. It eliminates need of any sort of cable but delivers the same gaming experience as Gamepad from 60 Beats does. The retro-styled peripheral is compatible with many iOS and Android devices. It runs on two AAA batteries sold dis-unitedly.

In design, 8-Bitty appears simple, very similar to Nintendo controller. For movement, it has direction controllers to the left, ‘Start’ and ‘Select’ buttons in the middle, four circular buttons (red color) to the right and 2 shoulder buttons along the edges.

8-Bitty supports long list of iCADE’s retro game apps. This includes Atari Classics collection, Pac-Man, Super Mega Worm and many more. Besides, it uses a completely open interface system, so that any app developer can easily add game support.

iCade 8-Bitty Features:

  • Classic retro-styled game controller compatible with iPhone, iPad
  • Android support for most tablets and smartphones
  • 8 button control including 4 face buttons, select, start, and two shoulder buttons… plus the D-Pad for movement
  • Wireless connection with auto power save mode
  • Mini version of larger size iCade
  • Fully compatible with all iCade games
  • Completely open development platform
  • Over 100 classic Atari games support
  • NOTE: Atari Greatest Hits only runs on iPad, not on iPhone or iPod touch
  • Easy to carry, especially in pocket

iCade 8-Bitty will definitely remind you of the time spent playing games from 80-90s thereby, evoking the classical 8-bit era. There are no details available about its release. For more information, visit ThinkGeek.