Images of Motorola XFON (Google X Phone) appear, running AT&T apps

The weird spelling phone XFON images have leaked online bearing a peculiar Motorola logo. The images originally leaked by reputed evleaks bears AT&T branding as well and runs its apps. The phone used to go by the name of Google X Phone when the first rumors started coming. The images look a bit more down to the Earth and believable as compared to the heaps of rumors surrounding the Google-Motorola codenamed X Phone.

Motorola XFON

The phone looks very similar to the prototype Motorola Phone that was leaked in Vietnam last month. The latest leaked images from evleaks shows the phone in some sort of shell hindering a good view. A carbon fiber back plate image shows the branding XFON ATT for model number. Whether this is the X Phone or not is still not confirmed but the name XFON certainly suggests a good possibility of the same.

Another recent X Phone rumor revealed that AT&T will be the exclusive X Phone carrier in the US. It also added that it will go on sale in August. The images of the phone having AT&T branding further strengthen those rumors. It is suspicious that the Motorola logo on top of the phone is not similar in all of the pics. The logo contains the letter M surrounded by a certain pattern of dots and curved lines which is not similar in all of them. The logo is also different from the Vietnamese leak.

XFON back and front

A different rumor further added that the logo on the back on the handset will have a touch-friendly ability. This points towards the conclusion that either the logo on the front is a dynamic part of the display or there is something amiss or inconsistent. No matter however consistent the images are with previous rumors, we suggest you take it with a grain of salt until the mystery of the logo is solved.

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