Images of New White iPhone with Large Screen – Is it White iPhone 4S or iPhone 5?

Rumors are spreading all over the web is that Apple will launch White iPhone 4S before the launch of iPhone 5. The new white iPhone 4S will have larger display as compared to original iPhone 4. But it is still not confirmed that it is White iPhone 4S or iPhone 5!

The images attached below looks similar to white iPhone 4 which I posted in my previous post but the screen size is slightly larger as of white iPhone 4. It is fitted with new proximity sensor. However one thing is confirmed that it is not a same white iPhone 4 which we saw previously because of the screen dimensions.

The image given below is comparing both the phone and you can easily figure out the difference in the size of display of both the phones. It’s hard to predict, their are many chances of being it a prototype of iPhone with an A5 processor which game designers are using to prepare their iPhone 5 applications.

It looks like photo has been played around with a bit but it doesn’t means it’s certainly false. Its expressions like the whole thing in the photo (hand, keyboard) are so radiantly lit that the display on the device would have to gaze a lot more glare/reflective/shiny than that.

white iphone 4S

Many of us, on first expression thought that these are fake but I have reason to believe. As you can see MIC never mention the name of developer or source of the leak. Because at initial post they said picture comes from developer and after they updated post they said sources cannot be determined.

Trust me this will be the new iPhone. Moreover this picture is also showing a Mac computer, by all means, it looks like the images has been leaked by a developer.

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