Improve your iOS 5 banner notification using CoverMeNot

The banner notification system in iOS 5 has made the usability much easier while working between the apps. Most of the native iOS features are further enhanced by jailbreak tweaks which make them lot more convenient to use.

The banner notification system was treated with many such jailbreak tweaks, among them few like ‘Reveal’ were simply awesome. Another such jailbreak tweak named, ‘CoverMeNot’ doubles the status bar height to improve the banner notifications.

CoverMeNot doubles the height of your status bar, so when a notification appears on the screen the currently used app is pushed down. This prevents the notification banner from hiding the content of live app. Once the notification is timed-out, the app is pushed up and status bar re-sizes to normal.

The name itself says everything, ‘CoverMeNot’ as it doesn’t allow banner notification to cover your app. This tweak  is developed by cjori a developer behind ‘Dashboard X’. If you have already used Dashboard X, you can judge CoverMeNot efficiency just by the developer and know about its quality.

CoverMeNot is available in Cydia store under ModMyi repo for FREE. Here’s how to get it,

Step One: Run Cydia Store (make sure it is up to date)

Step Two: Navigate to Search tab.

Step Three: Search for ‘CoverMeNot’.

Step Four: Select the one available from ModMyi repo.

Step Five: Install it.

That’s it, just respring your springboard and CoverMeNot will be working whenever you get a new notification. There is no settings or configuration to be done before using it, it’s as simple as that.

You will surely like the way how it works and soon you will be used to it. I wish Apple adds this feature to the upcoming iOS 6 as it is still in beta stage and there is enough time for the final release. Fingers crossed!