How to Increase Battery Life of Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom is built-in with a dual-core processor and With Android Platform Honey Comb designed just like Tablets. With 10.1 inch HD wide screen display. The battery of Motorola Xoom  is 25Wh it lasts upto 336 hours of stand-by time.

You can increase the battery life by following these tips:

  1. Use dark color wallpapers and avoid live wallpapers because they are the big battery eaters.
  2.  Always lower the brightness of the display.
  3. Charge the battery with AC charger instead of USB.
  4. Turn off you Wi-Fi connection because it consumes lot of the battery.
  5. Always turn off the Bluetooth when you are not using it.
  6.  Always turn off the background applications when you are not using it.
Battery Manager Smart application:

Motorola Xoom usually gets the “Battery Manager Smart Application” in almost all of the products of Motorola. Its easy to access Battery Manager Smart Application. After opening the Battery Manager it gives you three different modes.

Performance mode:

This mode the features such as; data time out, brightness of the display and other applications are turned off so the battery power is saved which doesn’t affect the performance of your Motorola Xoom.

Smart mode:

This mode usually keeps brightness of the display and  data time out is kept On and it can be modified by the user whenever he wants to change it.

Battery Saver mode:

This mode optimizes the battery by maximizing the performance and efficiency of the battery. It also reduces the battery usage as well which will prevent the battery consumption.

By Following the above steps you will be able save the battery life as well as you can also increase its efficiency. Stay tuned at The Geeks Club for more Tips on Motorola XOOM and other tablets.


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