Increase Your Laptop Graphics Performance Using ViDock

The laptop has given wings to the computing paradigm. Its nature of portability has made it one good machine for business application. These days advancement over network technology and Internet has made the laptop computing a trend for gamers also. And todays gaming without the GPU’s within the machine are not a game. Unfortunately, most of the graphic functionality for the laptops is limited because of its integration to the board of the machine.

The men from Village Instrument had different plans. They came up with the idea or you can say the gadget that will overcome the limitations of graphic processing in the laptop machine “the ViDock”. An expansion chassis tailored specifically for adapting PCI Express graphics cards for use with Express Card equipped laptop PC’s. All you need to do is select the PCI Express graphics card the best fits your needs and fix it within the box. Just plug in one cable into your laptop PC and you instantly have a powerful 3D workstation with a big display, a big keyboard and your pointing device of choice. You are ready for gaming, video transcoding, Photoshop, 3D design, watching full 1080p HD movies, and more!

Mobility together with graphic performance:

Unplug the chasis and go to take full advantage of your laptop’s mobile features, when you get home, just plug in one cable and your are ready! No sync, no firing up a separate machine and no aches or pain. And during time to upgrade just replace your graphic card to with required one.

Docking station:

Carved with appropriate display ports and few USB ports, enables you to connect various accessories to your machine. Like you connect a USB hub through provided port and you get even more ports to attach to your machine.

ViDock 3, ViDock 4, and ViDock 4 Plus – Choose the one that fits your needs.


  • Consumes 75W power.
  • Can accommodate cards up to 240mm long.


  • Consumes 150W power for high performance.
  • Accommodate cards that are up to 316mm long.
  • Use a 6 pin power connector to consume power from PCI Express Connector.

ViDock 4 Plus:

  • Adds a second 2 x 3 pin power connector to accommodate graphics cards that require up to 225W.