India Fights Back Against Corruption

India is in the throes of change, a min-revolution of sorts. Never since its fight for independence have we seen Indians feel so strongly and so passionately about any single issue!

An historic movement to eradicate corruption has taken shape under the leadership of Anna Hazare. Indians are demanding the “Jan Lokpal Bill” – a strong law to ensure swift and certain punishment to the corrupt. It is the same Anna Hazare, who in the early 2000s led a movement in Maharashtra state which forced the state government to pass a stronger Maharashtra Right to Information Act. This Act was later considered as the base document for the Right to Information Act 2005 (RTI), enacted by the Union Government.

The sheer support that the movement has garnered has taken the government by surprise and put it on the back-foot!


Look at the kind of corruption that goes around in our country today!

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange had claimed that there was more Indian money in Swiss banks than any other nationality. And this appears to be true, if you see this image which I came across on !!! It gives the name of the account holder, amount of money, account number and bank name! But we are not sure about its authencity.

Who do you think this money belongs to? You and Me – We, Us! can you imagine what this money could have done for us?

Indians are poor but India was never a poor country, says the director of Swiss Bank. He also says $1.5 Trillion Indian money is in the safe of Swiss Banks. This amount so huge that India can enjoy a tax free budget for next 30 years or I can say, It can generate 60 crores new jobs or a 4 lane express highway can be built connecting every village to Delhi.

This money will make India one of the strongest economies in the world. Each district will get 60000 crores.& 1 village will get 100 Crores. 95 crore people will have their own house. Does one need more reasons?

There is also another photo at that link. Many may already be aware of this article with photographs, which had appeared in a Swiss Magazine Schweizer Illustriertein (November 1991) – it shows the top holders of Swiss bank accounts at the time. The text below the Indian persons photo reads: Indian, Holds 2.5 billion Swiss Francs (eq. to 13,200 Crores in 1991). Till date, no one  has refuted/spoken about these allegations. This is why Government resists any campaign against corruption.

We can no longer afford to be bystanders. We may not be able to go out on the streets physically to support the movement, but the least we as Indian bloggers can do is express our support for the Anti-corruption movement.

Passing the Bill will not be the end it itself and will not halt corruption in its tracks, but it will definitely be a new beginning to a better India!

If you as a blogger feel strongly about this issue, do join this fight against corruption by displaying the India Against Corruption badge in your sidebar.

That’s all! No need to link back anywhere if you don’t wish to! If you decide to, do share your blog link and what you think of this movement, below in the comments.

It’s really time to take back the national pride!


  1. Yeah- terrific, great info, must do something —
    But is that all we are going to say? or are we going to do something about it! Putting a badge is okay but we need to go beyond. You are being robbed. Would you still say this if your maid servant was caught taking out a Rs 100 rupee note from your wallet in the drawer. You would act and sack her.
    This is what we have to do. Sack these corrupt politicians – now , later and every time. Put your Comments here everyone, and declare what ACTION you are taking now and going to take in the future. And stop declaring your concern. Even my dog is concerned!

  2. mentioned it earlier as my Facebook status update and would like to quote the same again “what happnd in the past shuld not sustain in future” (CORRUPTION)

  3. I completely support this movement. Even went to India Gate by taking a day off. Screw these corrupt people.

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