Indian Government to monitor Twitter and Facebook Users Accounts

Today Indian Government is worried about the security of the country because of frequent terrorist attacks. Indian authorities have already forced RIM to grant the access encrypted email and instant messages of its Blackberry users. After accessing the Blackberry data, now the Government of India is trying to gain access to popular social network like Twitter and Facebook.

The Indian Government is trying to get the personal account and the password for the user who is using social network to track out the terrorists. The request suggests that the Indian government is trying to broaden the scope of online survey for the national security.


Telecommunications service providers provide facilities for lawful interception and monitoring the communication on their network which includes communication of social networks like Twitter and Facebook.  But the problem is that the India’s new IT Act says that websites and services providers must offer information like passwords from private accounts, to government agencies, even without court orders.

But Facebook and Twitter’s private information can’t be revealed without the user’s permission. The Indian Government is even trying to access data from other social networks like Skype and Google. However none of the networks are ready to share the information to the Indian Government yet.

Twitter and Facebook are among the top social networks in Indian ratings. Facebook policy says that according to U.S federal law it prohibits to discloser of the content of an account such as messages, picture, wall posts to Indian Government. Even Twitter states that non-public information about Twitter users is not released unless they receive a subpoena, court order or other valid legal document.

Indian Government asked the companies to provide ways to allow security agencies to monitor traffic on the networks for the safety of the Country but these companies says that such news they have not heard from the Indian Government. Here looks like the Indian Government knows about computing and worried about the national security. This looks like a serious issue. Hope for the betterment of the country.