$35 Indian Tablet ‘Sakshat’ Finally Ready to Ship on Oct 5

Finally after experiencing a delay earlier, this year the low cost $35 Sakshat, an Android Tablet is now ready to go on sale from 5th October.

This low-cost Android tablet, estimated around $35 which is around Rs 2000, will be ready ship to institutes and universities and in another way the government is helping students by reducing the cost. However, Government of India is covering half the tablet cost by 50% for students. So a student would have to pay only Rs. 1,100/ for the Android Tablet.

The Sakshat Android tablet is ready to dispatch 10,000 units to IIT-Rajasthan in late June over the next four months 90,000 more units may deliver  soon at a price of Rs 2,200/device.

“The computer will be launched next month,” HRD Minister Kapil Sibal said at a function here. “This is not just a dream, it is a reality,” he added. Officials in the Ministry said the low-cost device will be launched on October 5.

The tablet Sakshat was developed by HCL Technologies and was originally scrapped because according to Government of   India, the device was not meeting with their computing standards, but the price was $35, now the  price is slightly changed and so decision of government .

The Sakshat tablet comes with 7 inch touchscreen including 2 GB RAM, powered of Android OS, front-facing camera and a 32GB internal hard drive. The other features of Sakshat tablet allow user play Multi-media content and can be use for Video Conferencing.

If this project goes well, this can be drastically transformation the way education is instructed and importantly. It’s is very good and important for our education system, but it can only be  possible with help of our government and companies who make these products.

Technical Specifications of Sakshat Tablet

  • Touchscreen Display
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB Internal Storage
  • Wi-Fi, 2 USB Ports
  • Android Operating system
  • Operated by a 2-watt system.

Features of Sakshat Tablet

  • Video Conferencing facility
  • Multimedia content viewer [jpg, pdf, zip etc.,]
  • Open Office, SciLab
  • Internet browsing with javascript and flash support
  • In-built keyboard

Check out the Sakshat Tablet video below

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