Infographic: Apple iTunes Store Hits 500,000 iOS Apps – Growth, Status, Future

The App Store, Apple’s software market for iOS apps, has apparently crossed a cool half a million app in just 34 months. The actual number of app in store is available for download is nearly to 400,000 due to attrition, replacements, withdrawals etc.

But still there was no official announcement from an Apple; this semi-official newscast came courtesy of three companies specializing in iOS apps EA-owned games publisher Chillingo, app blog 148apps and app search engine Chomp. These three companies created a cool infographic on the 500K Apps Facebook page which highlighting a bunch of remarkable records and loads of factoids which connected to the titanic ecosystem of iOS apps.

According to their figures, the top selling iOS app is Angry Birds, which spent 275 days in the No. 1 spot, and  number of free iOS app are 37%, whereas another 29% of all apps cost only $0.99.

In January, the Apple owners downloaded more than 10 billion apps from Apple’s App Store. Apple rival, the Google Android Market has collection of around 300,000 apps and 3 billion app downloads, according to Google latest report which disclosed in the Google I/O Developers Conference earlier this month. Hopefully we can expect an official announcement on June 6 at WWDC. However, currently iOS apps numbers is touching the sky compare to Android, and there is doubt Apple customer’s getting benefit of different variety app.