Infographic: Mac Vs PC Users

An un-empirical survey has reinforced some notions about Mac users versus Windows users and also exposed particular amazing differences. The survey used answers from over 300,000 respondents on this hottest survey, and also linked the responses to a similar match up it did in November 2009.


The survey piloted by the website Hunch starts by questioning people if they considered themselves “Mac” user or “PC” user. Of the 388,315 consumers who replied, 52 percent called themselves a PC user; a very slight increase from the 2009 poll, whereas 50 percent acknowledged themselves as Windows users. 25 percent named themselves Mac users; almost the same number as back in 2009. Additional 23 percent indicated “Neither,” which probably meant that they didn’t identify  themselves as a Mac or a PC user.

The survey shows things several Mac holders generally knows and likes to believe in: That they see themselves as fashionable, generous, verbally oriented, and courageous and more artistic, however PC folks see themselves as very mainstream user, old-fashioned and not aware of computer technology.

I have used Windows from as long as I can remember, but I have respected Apple since I purchased my first iPhone 2G. I have also used Macs and like them too!

I believe that only if you use both the operating systems, will you know the differences, otherwise please don’t pass the comment without genuine reason. That’s called fanboyism!

Giant organization mostly use Windows (or at most maybe Linux), because they don’t have choice and the reason is functionality, usability, familiarity and support.