Infographic: Sitting at the computers for long could kill you

We sit all the time. Esp, most of us using the computer! Though our great shift towards computer-based work has done great things for productivity, it has, unfortunately, done terrible things for our health.


Check out this telling Infographic to learn more about the effects of sitting down for long!

Via: Medical Billing And Coding

From increased risk of heart disease and obesity in the long term, to sharply hampered cholesterol maintenance in the short term, the negative health effects of sitting are starting to weigh heavily against the benefits. Even the medical field – the greatest advocates and reducing sitting time – is plagued by this new health issue.

Though doctors and nurses get plenty of walking time, it usually falls to the secretaries, billers, and coders to do all the sitting.

Time to get up and take a walk I guess!

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  1. after reading this article, im already scared :)
    and thought that, I should stop using my PC now…

    Thanks for this post, it’s very informative for me..

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