Inkscape: A Simple Graphics Editor for Linux

In life, moment comes where we all need a change. Same rule is applicable to technology then be it a software or an operating system. We therefore, have a little tool for your Linux system to create, edit and modify photos- Inkscape.

Inkscape is a powerful software for your Linux machine that edits your pictures and make them look more miraculous. It starts with a blank canvas where you can place an image for editing. Just hover to File menu on the top and click “Open” to upload an image to the canvas. After the image is uploaded, you can start.

You might be wondering what makes this tool so special. Well, it has some extra tools which are not found in other editing software. Options to create 3D boxes and some other features are few to name. Preciseness and accuracy are added with advanced zoom in and zoom out. If you have got a school project and you are innovative enough to create images yourself, then this is a fantastic app. Some features to create diagram connectors and bezier curves lets you do yor job in no time.

The only thing that would make you stay away from it is its first time experience. If you are using it for the first time then you may struggle a bit. Some features take time to learn with their functionality. The tool bar may or may not appeal you much due to its scattering of tools. But once used to, it won’t let you down.


Initially you may find it a bit buggy but sticking it to it will make you learn it more. There are features like 3D boxes creation and spiral creation that will help you make your projects look beautiful. And also its easy to use interface will strip down your amount of efforts. Leaving behind some minor cons, it is a must go app to edit or modify you pictures. Download Inkscape.