How to install old Facebook chat in Firefox through Grease monkey add-on

The new Facebook chat displays contacts of the people in a random order. At times, you may notice some people surfacing themselves on your chat window even if they are offline. These offline pals occupy the slots of available contacts leaving the online ones side lined.

Thus this  is not very popular among many and people prefer the old Facebook chat. This is only possible by eliminating or disabling the newer/latest version. Old Facebook chat can be added to Firefox through assistance of various add-ons.

These steps will show you how you can get back the old ‘Facebook Chat’.

  • Navigate the cursor to a repository that supports ‘Greasemonkey’ as an add-on and download the page.

While downloading, you will be offered with ‘Add to Firefox’ option, click on it, which will then prompt you for installation. Hit the ‘Install’ tab to launch the installation program.

old facebook chat

  •  New tab will pop-up reading as ‘Greasemonkey:: Add-ons for Firefox’.
  • Between the currently occurring processes, a window will be displayed with an exclamation mark reminding you of your action and stating ‘You have asked to install the following item’.


  • Click on ‘Install Now’ button and restart your Firefox browser. A monkey faced icon will now be visible as a sidebar, adjacent to ‘Bookmark this page’ option.


  • Go to the script page of the repository and click on ‘Install’ button placed next to ‘Facebook- Chat-enhancer’.
  • At the end of the installation process you will get a notification stating ‘Facebook-Chat installed successfully’. Go to your Facebook homepage and cross-check it.


With the old chat version back, you are now ready to chit- chat with your friends. For more assistance watch the video below: