Intel Reveals its First Phone, Names It Orange Santa Clara

Earlier, Intel was recognized only as computer chip maker but not anymore. This time, the American multinational has come up with something different. It has decided to enter the hot market of mid-range phones by revealing its first phone – Orange Santa Clara at MWC.

The new device appears sibling to Intel’s reference device, showcased by the company at Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas, earlier this year. Gigabyte, a Chinese company holds the charge for its manufacturing with a claim from Orange announcing it to be a mid-range device for a wider field of customers.

The handset features a 4 inch display and GingerBread (Android 2.3) version of Android. Although the device isn’t supposed to compete with High end handsets but Intel’s collaboration with Motorola is sure to bring some high end devices later into the market.

The handset is codenamed Santa Clara until the final verdict for the name is given. It surely is going to help us capture some good pictures with its 8 MP camera and 10 frames per second photo burst mode. Having a glance at features it may go neck to neck with other Smartphones offering a better set of features with a cheaper price.

Intel’s entry into Smartphone market may be a threat to other chip makers such as Arm or NVidia. Intel is expected to launch other models during the latter part of the year after considering users response,lets see if ‘Intel Inside’ logo is really going to fetch some customers. The earlier chips manufactured by the company weren’t able to give some power to the devices but the company now claims the new chips to be more powerful and stable.

Let’s enjoy the heated war between the companies. After all, it will be users who are going to be benefited from the ongoing combat.

Stay tuned for more MWC updates.