10 interesting facts about BlackBerry

Bollywood celebrities like Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan swear by it. Endless discussions happen through it. And sometimes, its also a fashion statement. We are talking about BlackBerry, the mobile brand which has caught the interest of many for decades along. We take a look down at a few interesting facts about BlackBerry.

1. BlackBerry got its name when someone noted that the buttons/keys resembled group of seeds. After a thorough research of various fruits by the teams, it was decided to name it BlackBerry, also because a majority of mobile devices at that time were black in color.

2. BlackBerry users have a world of their own. They even had their own injury terms, like BerryThumb refers to the injury occurred due to excessive usage of the BlackBerry keyboard.

3. On a serious note, there are special classes and tutorials to teach people how to use their BlackBerry mobile phone along with the right etiquette.

4. United States President Barack Obama is obsessed with his BlackBerry and absolutely refuses to give it up! In fact, he even ordered a top secret BlackBerry equipped with Secure Voice software to catch eavesdroppers and spies.

5. Black Magic” (Not the term which you are thinking) is a term synonymous to addiction for BlackBerry devices.

6. A majority of non-touchscreen QWERTY mobile devices have the key with numeric value 8 associated with the letters T, U and V. However on a BlackBerry mobile handset, it is the key for letters B and N.

7. RIM(Research In Motion) won the 1998 Academy Award for technical achievement for the DigiSync Film Barcode Reader. Mike Lazaridis accepted RIM’s Academy Award in person from actress Anne Heche.

8. There is actually a book coming out all about the BlackBerry and its history.

9. The US Government uses more than 500,000 BlackBerry phones.

10. BlackBerry used to make up 52.4% of the smartphone market back in 2008. According to Q2 2011, the present mobile market share held by BlackBerry is 12%. (Source: Wikipedia)


You have any more facts to add?