Invoxia NVX 610 – A new Generation Desk Phone

Invoxia, a French startup at CES introduced a new entrant to the VOIP telephony world – Invoxia NVX 610. The smart device makes use of an iPhone or iPad’s data connection to establish VOIP . Lookswise, it seems to be a modified version of a desk phone with a glass and steel body.

The iPhone and iPad mounted, provide a simple keypad and LCD interface while Invoxia provides Skype technology, embedded in the product. Invoxia has put in a lot of efforts in audio quality with built-in 8 speakers toproject sound all around the room, making it a powerful communication device for teleconferencing.

It’s got some plug at its back; there is a power button, a USB port and two Ethernet ports to connect the device to your PC. One of the main highlights of Invoxia NVX 610 is its unified directory which merges your phone book, Skype call book and other contacts all in a single list.

The team of 8-10 engineers has developed algorithms that not only capture the acoustics of the room as a whole but also create a beam in the direction of the speaker which eliminates all superfluous sounds and background noise.

If you want to answer the call in hands-free mode you simply need to press a volume button. Besides, there are just two sensory buttons on the Invoxia phone’s base: one for muting the mic, and the other to access your voice mail.

Invoxia features:

  • Two gigabit ethernet ports
  • Power-over-ethernet
  • USB-attached wired handset supporting wideband audio
  • Bluetooth radio for connection to the iOS device
  • Support for a diversity of HD Voice codecs, including; G.722, G722.1, SILK
  • 8 speakers & 8 microphones for use in speakerphone mode

Invoxia NVX 610 is available worldwide at a price $600 with a set of 3 smart magnetic handset holders to suit your preference. To know more about the product visit here.