iOS 5 Public Release on 10th October – Here’s what you need to know

Announced back in June, the wait was actually of 4 months till everyone could get hands on the iOS 5. As we all know iOS 5 is coming with 200 new features among which not all of them are known till today. After the announcement in June iOS 5 went through series of Beta versions out of which 8th Beta version is coming tomorrow (Friday). That’s real long improvements and in every Beta version we found some new leaks. The Beta 8 will be the final one and on 23rd September Apple will be giving Golden Master to the manufacturers. And iOS 5 will be publicly released on 10th October. Here’s what you need to know,

Can iOS 5 be updated on the current devices?

Yes, iOS 5 can be updated on the current devices.

Is my device supported?

iOS 5 will be supported by; iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4 CDMA, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 4G, iPad 1 and iPad 2.

My device is not in the list, what do to?

If your device is not in the list, there is no way to get iOS 5 on your device.

How do I know that iOS 5 is available?

It will be declared officially and once you connect your device to iTunes, it will prompt to update.

Is it safe to update my device?

Yes, it might not be safe to update to iOS 5 Beta’s. But once your iTunes start you reminding about the update its completely safe.

I use old generation devices (iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G) so will my device lag?

To some extent it won’t lag but Jailbreaking the device and loading it with hell lots of stuff will surely bring lag.

If I don’t like iOS 5 can I come back to my current 4.x.x version?

No, this is not officially possible. But can be made possible if your device is jailbreaked on 4.x.x version.

Any pre preparations that I should make before updating?

Yes, if your device is jailbreaked. Today itself go and save your SSH blobs, lots of tutorials regarding ‘How to save SSH blobs’ are available on internet just search.

What will happen if I save SSH Blobs?

Once your current firmware SSH Blobs are saved you can come back to iOS 4.x.x anytime from iOS 5.

How do I update to iOS 5?

Once iOS 5 is available, your iTunes will prompt you to update. Just download and update it. Or you can even download IPSW and update manually if your PC is not connected to internet every time.

I have iPhone, should I use the iTunes way to update?

As long as you are registered AT&T or contract buyers you are free to update it that way. Unlocked iPhone users be careful!

I have Unlocked iPhone how do I update?

Updating to iOS 5 will also update your baseband and you will loose your unlock, so its better do not update it till your unlock is out.

Still I want iOS 5 on my iPhone, any fast solution?

In this case you will have to wait till Sn0wbreeze for iOS5 is out. It will allow you to preserve your baseband and make unlock available to your phone.

How to I come back to iOS 4.x.x?

If you have save SSH blobs for iOS 4.x.x you can come back to iOS 4.x.x simply using application called ‘TinyUmbrella’ just search the internet for that.

I’m using iOS 5, I want to jailbreak

You cannot jailbreak your device unless the jailbreak for iOS 5 is out. Till then if you want you can go back to iOS 4.x.x and jailbreak your device.