iOS 5 Released – What’s new, Features, Avalability and Support Details

Every year Apple organizes WWDC (World Wide Developers Conference) and announces its new plans, product lines and developments. This year at WWDC, Apple announced Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5, and new Cloud based service from Apple named iCloud. Previously I had written regarding my expectations regarding iOS 5 and guess what, I was right regarding some features.

Let’s cover features which Apple has now actually announced.

New Features of iOS 5

  • Notifications

As I expected Apple worked over its pathetic notifications system and brought something better in this release. You all know how bad it was when a notification popped up while  playing games or running any application on your device, it just disturbed everything. iOS 5 brings brand new notification system where you will get a small pop out from the top when you get a notification. This could be read later read by sliding down the bar, or even at the notification center. The ‘X’ button next to your notification will allow you to completely remove the notification. Notifications will include Text Messages, Missed Call, Voice Mail messages, Facebook alerts etc.

  • Reminders

Another officially missing feature from iOS has been covered up by iOS 5. As the name states, Reminders allow you to add different remainders for your work. It got still better as it is coupled with geo-location support which is already present on your device. You will get reminders at certain times or when you are checked in at certain places, thanks to geo-location.

  • Safari

Safari interface got better and now comes with tabbed browsing same as that of Windows or Mac Safari Web Browser. Tabbed browsing makes fast and easy internet access with tabbed situated at the top, may be only for iPad. Safari is also enhanced with Safari reader where users can be able to read content of the website in text only way and can bookmark for later reading or sending it to a friend.

  • Twitter

iOS 5 gets Twitter integration and no Facebook integration. Twitter is integrated into the system which includes contacts as well as Camera, Camera roll, Safari articles and Maps. All you have to done is hit the action button and tap on tweet the photo gets attached and is shared over the web. Your Twitter account can be configured from the Setting (System Preferences).

  • Mail Client

Like the Mac OS X Lion, iOS also received an update to its mail client. iOS mail now supports rich text formatting, indentation control, draggable addresses (from To: to Cc: or Bcc:), Flagging of message or marking as unread and also search feature for entire mail system and lastly a quick dictionary lookup allowing you to find out the meaning of particular word just by tapping the word and hitting Define.

  • iMessage

iMessage is a Messaging client developed specially developed for non carrier supporting devices (iPad and iPod Touch). It’s a chatting client where users will be able to send Instant Messages, Photos as well as videos. It’s just like Blackberry messenger – the only good thing free of cost. iMessage will allow iDevice owners free instant messaging service, even for non network supporting devices.

  • OTA Updates

Unlike all Android phones iPhone firmware updates had to be downloaded by connecting the device to PC or Mac. This WWDC Apple broke this barrier and now users can get firmware or software update right on their device without connecting to PC. That’s OTA Updates (Over the air).

  • Newsstand

After iBooks, iOS now features monthly magazines as well as daily news papers. Newsstand brings this amazing feature to buy issues on your device and read it just as you do for iBooks. Download a magazine or newspaper and it will be automatically be placed in your news stand on home screen. Newsstand is integrated on home screen and totally looks like a real newspaper stand. The only drawback as of now is that it supports lots of magazine, but only United States newspapers like New York Times, SF Chronicle & Daily Telegraph.

  • Camera updates

Camera button has been added to lock screen for quick access to camera app when the need of time is snapping some quick shot. It used to take a long time for locating the camera app and till then users missed the shot, but now this short cut to camera app allows you to snap photos even if you have set a pass code for your device. The camera app bypasses your pass code and allows you to snap photos but well, your existing photos are protected. The Camera now has a physical button as well! Well no hardware changes but your volume up button will act as capture button for camera. Zooming is upgraded by pinch to zoom feature. As I expected many photo effects are added to the camera app which includes crop, rotate, reduce red-eye, and you can even do a one click or auto enhance.

  • Game Center update

Apple users can directly download game from Game Center itself.  It also allows social integration like seeing the scores of your friends’ friends, also getting friend recommendations and game recommendations.

  • Some Other Features

Some minor features includes WiFi sync over iTunes, AirPlay mirroring over iPad, optional keyboard, updated music app on iPad etc.

iOS 5 is built up with 200+ features these were just 10 from them there are lot’s more minor features those were announced at WWDC you’ll get to know regarding them on actual hands on of the device.

Availability and Support for iOS 5

iOS 5 is supported by current generation devices only that includes iPhone 4 or 3GS, iPod Touch 3G or 4G, iPad 1 or iPad 2.

As of now iOS 5 is available only for developers. If you are one of them then get your iOS 5 from Apple Developer Center today for testing purposes. For all other users iOS 5 will be soon out for general release.

Tip: Since iOS 5 is totally new, jailbreak for it isn’t out so stay on your current firmware itself. Upgrading your device to iOS 5 after release will unjailbreak your device. So all jailbreaked users don’t upgrade to iOS 5 till the jailbreak is out but this might take months together.


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