iOS 5 – What new features to expect

My iPhone 5 post got really good feedback and comments and this made me write about the upcoming iOS 5 features and what we can expect from iOS 5. It’s the end of May and WWDC 11 (World Wide Developers Conference 2011) is just  a week away. WWDC is the event where iOS 5 will be released. Till then let’s predict what features we may expect in iOS 5.

Improved performance

All the lags in current operating will be removed and bugs will be fixed. RAM hungry applications will be made lighter so as to make minimum use of RAM which will provide enough margin for other applications to use RAM simultaneously and give better multi tasking results. Applications will be made to forcefully use the processor in order to make greater use of the processing power of processor and deliver better performance.

Improved notification system

As improved performance is just our prediction, it’s not such with improved notification system. Notification system improvement is for sure and the current pathetic notification system will be changed to better one. As of now, if you get any notification while you are busy with some app then it totally disturbs all your application whether its game or any productive app running. Notification system will be some what made same as Android where you’ll get a notification sound making you aware of notification.

Improved Lockscreen

iOS Lock screen is just classic! All you can see is “Slide to unlock” bar and time above that. As compared to that Android lock screen is totally awesome, you can even slide different pages for lock screen. Similar to that iOS lock screen will be also updated with similar concept and addition of new widgets that will include Facebook, Twitter and also your SMS panel.

Live wallpapers

Live wallpapers bring beauty to Android devices but as compared iOS doesn’t have any official option to have live wallpapers for the device. Thank’s to jailbreak community to develop one, but that doesn’t make an official one.

Better multi tasking options

iOS applications never got “Exit” option, all you have to do is press the home button to close the app but that doesn’t close it totally it is still running some where in the background unless you close it from the multi tasking menu. I think Apple will surely work on this part of the multi tasking feature.

New Multi touch gestures

iOS 4.3 brought new multi-touch gestures to iPad 2 which can be added to iPhone and iPod using some simple tweaks from Cydia. I expect similar new multi-touch gestures in iOS 5 for easy working.

Camera Effects

Right now iOS Camera app is totally simple, there aren’t any pre built photo effects in that app. Like Android and other major mobile operating systems iOS will also integrate some photo effect that could be “Grey scale”, “Black and white”, “Studio” etc

Voice Recoginiton

iOS 5 will be built with new voice recognition system that may include a voice narrator too. Text entry can be made using your voice which will be supported by IM’s and SMS. Where as it will also work vice versa where it will narrate all your received texts and IM’s.

Social Network Integration

Today you can see “LIKE” button everywhere on the internet that’s brought by Facebook. It is expected that iOS 5 will bring integrated Facebook and Twitter in it which will allow you easy status updates, snap and upload, separate directory for tagged photos in camera roll etc.

OTA Updates

Till today new released firmware had to be downloaded after connecting your device to iTunes. As compared every Android as well as Windows Phone gets OTA (Over the air) updates. I expect Apple to follow OTA policy to download new firmware anytime anywhere.

These are just our predictions, most of them may be not included in the official release. Stay tuned to WWDC 2011 with just a week and so to go.

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