Best 4 iPad 2 Case Features, Price And Reviews

The iPad 2 is definitely the Apple’s greatest tablet in the markets right now. Most recent iPad is lighter, thinner and faster with sophisticated upgrades across hardware and software. Apple iPad 2 is basically just one huge pane of glass that is scratch able, crack able, breakable glass, so one must handle this fragile device with an extreme care. There seems to be a big demand for iPad 2 cases to protect the device, ranging from affordable price to even luxurious ones.

Apple iPad 2 Cases are of immense importance, they not only cover up the iPad’s screen and back so that you can toss it in bag without worrying about it. They fold and bend into stands that support the iPad at angles this is ideal for typing, watching videos. These cases add on to its looks and make it feel like a notebook, opening up for easy note-taking, reading and lots more.

Here are few of the best Apple iPad 2 cases listed below, will help you select the best one as per your need.

1. The Padova by Orbino Luxury Case

These fine leather iPad 2 Cases are a full cover design integrates with Apple’s Smart Cover Technology. It is slim and matches the sleek design of the iPad 2 and is handmade to give high-performance to protect the front and back of the iPad tablet. It is priced around $689 and is available in Black, Brown, Deep Red and Pecan colors.

2. The Aquapac Waterproof case

The Aquapac case gives protection from water, dust and sand practical design for outdoor iPad users. It is priced around $47.48 with some attractive features. This high-end case uses ultra-secure plastic seals and has high-frequency welded giving assurance against leakage or grainy sand slipping inside. It also floats on water and each corner has grommet holes allowing users to secure the case to your backpack or boat.


3. Miniot iPad- Wooden Case

The Miniot case is Holland made iPad 2 cases which is carved from a single piece of wood. It uses magnets to grip the case tightly to the device and allows easy opening and closing it. This simple and elegant iPad 2 cases price starts at $70.

4. Speck iPad 2 FitFolio Case

The FitFolio ultra-slim case has a classy sleek, padded design and it is priced around $39.97. The custom fit cradle holds your iPad 2 firmly and the stylish cover folds back into a stand making it ideal iPad 2 case for working, reading, viewing, presentations and lots more.

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