iPad 3 – Rumour Roundup

Its been almost a year since Apple launched the iPad 2. The device ruled the tablet market. Done with the 2nd Generation iPad, Apple is now set to release the 3rd Generation iPad for this year, probably iPad 3.

The third installment of iPad from Apple will be featuring¬† a major revamp and whole new hardware profile. Though it’s at its best, Apple will surely have to look for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as a competitor.

As per the rumor leaks till date, this third generation iPad will be powered with a better CPU, twice the power of current. Rumors hinted at the A6 CPU but recently a new A5X chipset was seen in the wild. Alongside there will be more room for the RAM too, which i expect to be 1GB.

In addition to this, some of the trusted sources confirmed that Apple will bring Retina Display technology to this bigger device. Built by SHARP these display panels will have two times the current resolution which could be 2048×1536. This means more pixel density than the current, making it difficult to identify a individual pixel alone.

With an extraordinary camera in iPhone 4S, iPad 3 is expected to come with the same. Rumors claim that iPad 3 will be featuring 8MP camera and it may be the same lens used in iPhone 4S. With Retina Display being mainstream its must to have a better camera than the current. This might end up iPad3 with thicker profile but that would remain unnoticed.

Report from WSJ says iPad3 will be designed for 4G LTE capabilities both Verizon and AT&T will be providing data plans for the customers. And like iPhone4S no mercy on T-Mobile.

Apple has scheduled media event on 7th March for iPad 3 launch. Hope we’ll get to see another biggest and highly anticipated product of the year.