10 iPad Apps for Real Estate Professionals

People are now realizing the importance of the device in their everyday life. The device which can act between their smartphones and notebook. iPad is the device which is very useful for as a business tool especially for real estate professionals. Apple iPad are the best one which can be used more than just a video watching or game playing tool.

iPad consist of tons of application which aren’t available in other devices. It is a quick and ultra-portable way to use web in emergency situation and get your work done as quick as possible. There are plenty of business applications available which can help you to manage your business work. The large screen of the iPad with these mind blowing application makes it best to use. Here are the 10 best iPad applications for real estate professional.


Square can be used on the phone as well as on ipad, which can be use the card-swipe dongle that you use for the phone. It is easy to use and can plug in your free card reader and start swiping, Track sales, tips, tax and send electronic receipts. It is safe and secure to use, the improvised version consist of various bug fixes and compatibility. The square application now allows you to sign in through the finger, which acts awkward in tiny phones. But it is easy and more natural in ipad’s. This application is available for free.

LogmeIn ignition

This is very useful application for those who use remote Log me In to offer remote support for your customers. It is very easy to use and helps to guide the customer through the repair. It can not be used for any complicated trouble shooting, but is quick and easy fix that you need to see the screen to accomplish. A touch on your ipad can help you remotely access your computers anywhere, anytime and manage your files in anyway. It provides you the comfort of the system with the easy and clear view of desktop. You can also transfer or save files and folder, can check the updates. The icon of this application will be available in the finder bar.

VNC Viewer

The remote access of the system on your ipad can be easily supported by VNC viewer. But it should be installed first and then configured to the computer first, which may not be appropriate for your customers. But it can display your desktop unlike the condition that you are anywhere in the world. You can run applications, change settings, and access data and permitted to perform all kinds of task. Hence it is the best option which is useful for the network of computer for a small business. VNC is more expensive than Log Me In, but more robust than that also.


Goodreader is one of the best application which supports opening of types of documents like PDF, text files, Word docs, pictures, and more. It is robust and has earned its accolades by the way it handles the file with the renderings of 100 mb and more with great speed. It handles large files very well and can connect to an FTP server to retrieve files. Inshort, it is powerful, solid, reliable productivity app that makes ipad better.

Work Suite: Pages, Numbers, Keynote

These application best suites for the next level in document management and nothing else can beat this. The update if free for existing users of the application on the iPad, the new version are compatible with the iPad and iPad 2, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4, and iPod touch. This app includes includes Keynote (presentations), Numbers (spreadsheets), and Pages (word processor). These features highlight the usage of iPad and are mainly used to create invoices or convert documents on the go.

Drop Box

10 Real estate professionals iPad Apps

Dropbox is the simplest app that allows you to sync files on your computer to other computers, devices, and the cloud. Therefore the main advantage is that anything which is dragged into the Drop Box folder is not only backed up, but also available on any computer or device that you have installed in. So the documents saved in the drop box are also available on the system. You can access customer information, past invoices, technical documents, or anything else to be done.


Evernote is one of the best and ever leading applications. It consists of lot of features and forms the best way to organize the like make text notes, write notes with your finger, or even dictate notes with your voice. All the notes are stored and organized in Evernote for later reference. You can also save the images taken as a note with the help of this application. Hence you can take pictures of the client and can save and transfer the notes. You can look up for some information on an issue before hand; I can save some notes and website clippings into Evernote and access them on-site.

Computer Inventory

The computer inventory app is the app that is used for almost all business purposes. It is basically a database for keeping track of computer equipment. You can keep the track of customer’s computer inventory, so incase if you get a call from the customer, you can look up to the computer equipment in this database and can access all the information about them in milliseconds. This app can also be used to keep track of your own network hardware, shop inventory, or manage the computer inventory of small business customers. Therefore it is a very simple and flexible app to use.

Todo for iPad

Todo acts an organizer to keep the track of your projects and day-to-day activities. You can use this application as a daily dairy to plot your daily activities so you don’t double-book yourself with clients. It consists of an old-school planner interface that you can customize with different skins. It is multitasking, supports full task manager, multiple notes per day. You can also sync the task and lists with iCal, Outlook, or the ToDo website so you can access them on your computer. The new tab feature and the bullet features are very attractive.


10 Real estate professionals iPad Apps

This is an app which comes with tremendous features like it can print from your iPad via 3G or Wifi. So you can print directly to a WiFi printer or a computer-connected printer of any type. You have to install a free print server app on the computer that the printer is connected to. This keeps you from easily printing from a client’s computer, but you can always carry a small Bluetooth or WiFi printer with you and print work orders. Therefore is a straightforward and powerfull application available for ipad.

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