iPad Battery is Lying!

The statement “iPad battery indicator is lying!”  is one of the most trending lines for some of the iPad Geeks who has an iPad gadget, recently. Exactly the iPad’s battery indicator is telling a lie.

I have been surfing various online forum sites about this issue, and the result is the same. Users keep complaining of their iPad’s battery performance. According to the research from a display research company, the Apple’s new tablet continues to charge for a long time even after the onscreen indicator shows it is full.

Ray Soneira, a keen researcher of DisplayMate concluded that the iPad still drew power at the full recharging rate of 10 watts after initially reporting having fully charged to 100%.  It only shows that the Apple Inc. has added some defect to their mathematical calculation in manufacturing the iPad’s battery indicator. Soneira believes that there is something wrong with the Pad’s battery’s mathematical model.

The charge indicator on all mobile devices is based on a mathematical model of the charge rates, and recent discharge history of the battery. It’s actually rather difficult to do because most batteries degrade slowly and then tend to surprise a precipitous decline near the end.” Soneira stated, in an email to Mashable.

How to avoid iPad’s immediate power shutdown

So, if you have an iPad and if you are planning a travel or go to a certain place where you cannot charge your device, never rely on the indicator that displays 100% charged battery. Before you leave, extend extra hours after the device says it is full. Maybe 2 hours charging extension is enough after it is full, or plug it for one full night just the day before you are suppose to travel .

This is never a fresh issue

The issue on  iPad battery indicator is not new, in fact Apple had various problems with display indicators  on iOS devices. Likewise in 2010, Apple news flared-up when the iPhone signal-bar indicator malfunctioned and users found that it shows inaccurate data. The company re-examined the signal- bar and resolved the issue.

Eventually, in spite of the tremendous issues Apple has encountered, the company released software that immediately resolved the problem.