Will iPad Mini look like an oversized iPod Touch?

With the launch date reported soon next month, the long-rumored iPad Mini seems to be confirmed. Lots of leaks and reports hint at this new device that is out of Apple’s traditional update cycle.

iPad Mini

Along with the iPhone 5, techies seem much excited about the iPad Mini too. The mini successor of the new iPad, it will not remain unasked and will rule the entry-level tablet market. Apple has always been keen considering the cosmetics of their device and that’s why every Apple device looks gorgeous.

The 7-inch iPad Mini will be an intermediate between the new iPad and an iPhone or iPod Touch 4G. Even though it’s natively an iPad, it seems that it will not follow the same cosmetics of its big daddy.

It is reported that iPad Mini will look more as an over sized iPod Touch than a native iPad. It will mainly feature skinnier bezels than the full-sized iPad, that’s exactly what iPod Touch is known for.

Based on the leaked schematics from the last month, a designer Maurizio Vitale has rendered few mock ups of the iPad Mini. This is how the iPad Mini may look in real.

If compared to other 7-inch tablets in the market iPad Mini has the same form-factor. The skinnier bezels make it easier to hold in the hands, but this will force you to hold the mini like an iPhone rather than an iPad.

It may happen that Apple will follow Google’s policy and eliminate the rear camera. There are no reports regarding the camera and tech specs, so we cannot predict anything at this moment. iPad Mini will either come with no rear camera and only front camera or Apple may add the iPad 2 rear camera to it.

iPad Mini is going to be SURE hit! It all depends on the price-tag. Apple tablet priced sub 250$ will drive masses crazy. Let’s wait and watch what Apple has planned.

Source: 9to5Mac.