Problems with the New iPad

Since its availability in market, Apple has sold more than 4 Million units of the New iPad. However, the new tablet with its super cool Retina display and powerful quad core processor bringing a wave of dissatisfaction in users.

There are many users reporting about the various issues they are facing with the new iPad and finding it uncomfortable to use in some areas.

The New iPad has already been reported to have a problem with overheating which has been confirmed by benchmarks. Some users are reporting that the New iPad has problems getting a attired WiFi signal.

Heating Issues in New iPad

Many consumers are complaining that the New iPad heats up very fast while charging or when used continuously for few hours. Some magazines have reported that it heats up to 47 degree Celsius compared to just 39 degree Celsius of iPad2.

Poor Wi-Fi Signal Receiver

Apple’s new iPad has trouble picking up and holding on to wi-fi signals, say users. A thread on Apple’s official forums has 144 posts from angry users, and has been read by 5,000 people, Daily Mail reported Thursday.

“This is a problem Apple – you need to fix it,” says one user. “The laptop Wi-Fi reception is as strong as it gets, but the iPad only registers a weak signal. Anyone else having  similar problems? Any suggestions?” Daily Mail quoted one user as saying.

Other Apple launches have been blighted by similar problems, including the original iPad and some models of iBook, the newspaper said.

Smart Covers aren’t working properly

The news comes as users complain that a hidden “upgrade” to the new machine has meant that many older “Smart Covers” – the magnetic covers used by Apple which turn on the machine automatically when opened – won’t work.

The problem is particularly bad with third-party covers made by companies other than Apple, but older official Apple covers also fail to work.

Heavier apps

The higher resolution of the New iPad brings another problem for its users and i.e. the heavier apps, which means lesser apps and data can be stored on the new iPad as compared to the same variant of iPad 2.

Since iPad has no provision of external memory, you have to go for bigger storage version (32 GB and 64 GB) than the 16 GB version, if you want to store more apps on your iPad.

Takes long time to Charge

PCworld has reported that the New iPad takes as much as six hours to fully charge its battery, which is the longest duration among 40 tablets the magazine tested. However it should also be noted here that it also has one of the best battery backup time for any 4G device, thanks to a bigger battery.

Using a plugged-in iPad results in the device’s battery meter continuing to drop, almost as if the gadget isn’t connected to a power source. Based on most forum posts, it sounds as if the issue mainly occurs when a particularly processor-intensive app is being used. “It seems that under extremely heavy processor usage, the iPad is unable to draw sufficient power from its USB connection to both power the device and charge the battery simultaneously,” explains MacRumors’ Jordan Golson.

Other complaints

USA based warranty provider ‘SquareTrade’ says that the tablet is more fragile than the iPad2 and completely shatters when dropped from shoulder height. Other than that people are also complaining that the tablet eats up a lot of data, and also doesn’t support Facetime (video chat) function on LTE network.

The new iPad also doesn’t support SIRI, the popular voice command service – which though is planned and not accidental from Apple.

I was planning to buy the New iPad ditching my current iPad 2 but these reported problem stopped me doing so. I think its better to wait for the release of more stable iPad 3 next year.


  1. I had the same problem with my new iPad, the wifi range was really poor. After looking for a solution to this issue for quite some of time, I was just about to give up, and RMA the iPad. I did a bunch of research came across WIRED magazine and found a extensive and detailed review of Pong Research cases. These guys make a very special case which has a built-in antenna in between its layers, which redirects and boost the signal and range of your new iPad, iPhone and other devices. This solved my new iPad 3 wifi issues and now as a result, I’m able to connect to my router from further distance without a problem at all. Besides that, this also comes with an improved version of the Apple Smart Cover which asides from retaining the sleep/wake function, because of its origami design, you can fold it and stand it in 5 different positions – very cool in my opinion!

  2. Lol, I just brough a new iPad and I cannot found any problem in it (it is a wifi model).

    After read many people posted complaints, and get one iPad on myself and try. I found that the quality of the new iPad is great, and most problem is not really from the new iPad.

    I feel sad that most people doesn’t use their brain to think their problem, but use their mouth to complaint now a days only.

    Anyway, it is good that people just wait and wait and not buy, so my chance to get one more new iPad is higher.

  3. Lol. And then there will be complaints on the next iPad (not going to be called iPad 3 btw, the name is just iPad from now on)

    Just get one and if you don’t like it, take it back. I love all three iPad. The 2010, 2011 and 2012 versions are all solid. The new one is a major upgrade over the iPad 2. Just try it for yourself before you listen to a concentrated gathering of complaints.

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