Is iPhone 3GS still worth buying?

Apple updated its iPhone twice, after the iPhone 3GS. Truly recognized as a smartphone, it changed the way people looked at cellphones. iPhone 4 was a major update over iPhone 3GS and later came the iPhone 4S. So, is iPhone 3GS worth buying?

iPhone 3GS

After the iPhone 4S launch, Apple had cut some part of the iPhone 3GS down payment and it was available for free in US with just monthly charges through contract. Whereas, the unlocked variant of iPhone 3GS cost nearly about $400 USD.

iPhone 3GS featured 600MHz CPU alongside with 256MB RAM, 3.15MP camera and resolution of 320×480 on 3.5inch screen. With such a low profile hardware and no retina display, iPhone 3GS looked dull and was left aside 3rd generation devices. Even though it supported iOS 5, users negatively claimed that the performance was not at all good due to the poor hardware. Even tests proved iPhone 3GS performance was very poor on iOS 5.

Due to these reasons iPhone 3GS was not at all considered a worth buy, for the moment. Today, you get many powerful Android alternatives within this segment. of course, you won’t get the same iOS experience on any other Android phones but why to go for such a slow and laggy phone.

If not, adding roughly about $200 to your iPhone 3GS investment will get you a phone much powerful, the iPhone 4. This 200$ is much better investment as the performance you get on iPhone 4 is extraordinarily better than iPhone 3GS in all aspects.

The $400 price tag is not value for money investment and is the main reason for not buying the phone. For those, who are planning to get a used phone, the right price for it is $150 to $250 don’t fetch a penny more over that.