5 Best iPhone 4 cases and covers

This article brings you latest and the best iPhone 4 cases we spotted at the market. No doubt iPhone 4 is a master piece in its looks. On the other side it needs some extra coverage and support to keep it away from scratches and shocks.

In this segment we bring you latest, coolest and simplest iPhone 4 covers and cases that will cover your ultimate gadget from shocks. Here they are :

  • elago S4 Slim-Fit Case for iPhone 4 with Logo Protection Film

 This is really simple and sweet for all. Comes in black color, fits office workers and teaching staff. What make it cool are the open circles for back logo and buttons on outer case. This is how it looks.

iphone 4 cases

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  • OtterBox iPhone 4 Impact Case

This is a hard plastic cover adding more grip and stability in holding. The OtterBox Impact Series is a durable silicone skin, brilliantly engineered with inner coring to dissipate shock away from your iPhone 4. The cover is Strong and long lasting as well. Good for students and working people. Here is how it looks.

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  • OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4

This is elegant and great looking case for iPhone 4. Pink colored thus adds up more beauty. Talking about its physicality it is strong and rigid. Color itself tells you the story. Pink all time favorite for teen and young girls. All the shopping and party girls this one suites you better.

iphone 4 cases and covers

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  • SmallWorks BrickCase for iPhone 4

This come a heavy duty and strong stuff. Has a groovy style. Pointed and dotted shaped studs on the cover give it a army look. Color resembles it that of sand. Awesome inner surface and smooth edge adds to its curiosity. Well rock star band boys and bikers this is just for you.

 iphone 4 cases and covers

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  • Griffin Reveal for iPhone 4, Black

Well this is the simplest we have seen so far. What makes it coolest is its simplicity. Elegant looks, Simple style, Curiosity and professional looks make it worth the money. Professional personals, lawyers and teaching staff this is perfect for you.

iphone 4 cases and covers

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