iPhone 4G vs. Android Phones – A comparision

Rivalry between Apple’s iPhone 4G and Android Phones i well-known, and fans of both these brands will go to any extent to support their phones. And this especially applies to users of Apple products. So let’s look at the salient features of both.

General Features of iPhone 4G

  • 3.5 inches screen size with 640 x 960 pixels
  • TFT capacitive touch screen
  • 64/80 GB internal storage
  • LED flash and 5 mp camera
  • Proximity sensor with auto turn-off
  • No memory card slot
  • Scratch resistant surface


General Features of Android Phones

  • Application framework allowing reuse and replacements of components
  • Open source WebKit engine based integrated browser
  • SQlite system for storage
  • Media support for variety of format
  • GSM telephony
  • High development environment
  • Bluetooth, camera, Wi Fi, GPS and optimized graphics


Now let’s get inside the fight

  1. Now, if users say, the 8 mp camera of Android is better than iPhone 4G’s 5 mp camera, then it’s not a genuine issue to argue. Remember, quality of camera not always decided by mega pixels only.
  2. Android generally offers a wide range of video chatting options but Apple iPhone 4G’s works for other iPhone users only.
  3. There is a common notion among users that Androids generally work faster than iPhone 4G.
  4. There are some issues with full multitasking too.
  5. Using an application that has been considered as competitor by Apple can become really tough.
  6. Some users also feel that there has been some difficulty in using iPhone in their own way rather than what the developer thinks.


Final Thought

Look, if you are an Apple gadget lover, then the above mentioned criticisms can hurt you. But I think, it’s always good to keep your eyes open. Always, going by what the developer says can make you pay.

If you argue that Apple offers many apps which is a real challenge to other developers. Then I will ask you, “Do you think any user needs more than 50,000 apps?” So this apps issue has become irrelevant.

If you ask me choose between the two, I would vote for Android Phones.

No wonder that people have been welcoming Android as an alternative to Apple iPhone 4G. And with Windows Phone Nokia deal around the corner, there can be only one winner – The Consumer!


  1. This is a very unfair comparison because you are comparing ONE PHONE (the iPhone) to a SERIES of phones (Android). Sure there is the APPPLE platform (which consists of one phone) vs the Android Platform consisting of major companies such as Motorola, HTC, LG, and many others. If you do a comparison on a single phone that came out June 24, 2010 vs phones that came out last week or that are not even out yet. I love the Android platform, but this is a rediculous article that has little to no merit, and if you think I am an iPhone lover than know that I have never owned an iPhone and my current phone is the original motorola droid.

    1. For me I think its easy. If you are looking for phones and not only the iPhone goodies, I find Android phones specially the HTC ones, much ahead of iPhones :).

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