iPhone 4S will be nothing other than an iPhone 4 with 8GB storage

Initially it was rumored that Apple will be coming up with a cheaper iPhone this time and yes that’s true. Apple this year is bringing up iPhone 5 along with cheaper iPhone rumored as iPhone 4S. Earlier reports stats that this cheaper iPhone will be cloud based but a new report that ended up yesterday stated something completely different. The cheaper iPhone (iPhone 4S) will be the same iPhone 4 with reduced internal memory.

At this time iPhone 4 is available at two varying prices due to their storage differences. The price difference between them is lot on the same model with just storage difference. Since a storage difference so matters, Apple will be launching a cheaper iPhone with 8GB storage nearly half the one available now. The current price of iPhone 4 over contract is $199 where as 32GB iPhone is available for $299 that’s nearly $100 difference. $100 makes storage nearly half that means 8GB could bring it down to the same, so a 8GB iPhone could cost as less as $99 over contract.

Bonnie Chang an analyst at Yuanta Securities says this cheaper iPhone will attract the less tech savy customers and increase Apple’s segment in the sales. That’s true, generally less tech savy people who only want iPhone for show off or just to satisfy their minor needs can opt for it. We cannot over look the Android segment of cheaper phones, Android falling next to iOS can be run on cheaper phones too and this has already be attracted by less tech savy customers.

As cheaper iPhone, Apple is already selling the old iPhone 3GS (2009) in markets. Here in India, iPhone 3GS lies in the mid end smart-phone family and is selling nearly around $400. It might happen that Apple will completely discontinue the iPhone 3GS from the markets and replace this cheaper iPhone 4 in its place.

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