This is how iPhone 5 with 3.7inch Screen will Look

Earlier a photo stream app showed up a new iPhone 5 icon which is almost similar to what we have rumored till today. Initially it was rumored that iPhone 5 may get 4inch screen but later study report that the screen screen size will be increased but not upto 4inch, may be the new iPhone 5 will get 3.7inch screen.

May be the reports are correct but still it cannot be cleared that which iPhone will be actually getting this small screen. As Apple this year is going to unveil two iPhone’s, I think the cheaper iPhone called as iPhone 4S might get this small screen where as iPhone 5 will be playing with bigger 4inch screen just as per my expectations.

New iPhone as seen on the photo stream icon could be either iPhone 4S or could be iPhone 5. Photo stream icon clearly showed the edge to edge screen iPhone. If this is the iPhone with 3.7inch screen it could look like this

The screen size is big than the current iPhone 4 (3.5inch) but looking at the build we can say it might be smaller in dimensions as screen is edge to edge fit. Most of the unused space on the device which can be found below and above the front camera is reduced, yes they did have to work on the circuit design then. Photo stream icon did show the home button elongated instead of circle, now this is what rumors always said and so new iPhone MAY come with elongated home button.

If the iPhone showed on Photo stream icon is iPhone 5 with 4inch screen it will not look pretty different than this

Keeping the phone dimensions same (to the iPhone 4) the screen is fitted edge to edge providing both increase in the screen size as well as portability. However I think, Apple should start manufacturing 4+inch screens as already they have the monsters (as of now) the Galaxy’s from Samsung featuring 4+inch screens.

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