iPhone 5 – How will it look like? A few expected and concept images

iPhone 5 is about to come and as usual Apple will bring something killer like the current iPhone 4. We already expected some new features for the iPhone, well but still we don’t know how will iPhone 5 look. Some of the 80% – 90% expectations say iPhone 5 will get big screen than the current 3.5inch, I think it will have 4inch screen but that will increase the dimensions or not, still a mystery.

Lot’s of photoshoppers over the world wide are working on some rarely and extremely stunning iPhone 5, well those are concepts but still they look cool. Here are some of the concepts,

These are concepts and photoshopped editing prepared by the respective artist and is not related with Apple. The leaks might have some similarities in upcoming iPhone. Prediction says the back side will be same as that of iPod Touche’s i.e metal plating and so does the above concepts describe. Even the screen size is supposed to be increased but keeping the dimensions same the bigger screen is cut to cut fitted to the phone above. Buttons on both the concepts above look same like iPhone 4 but are just flattened in the first concept.

I expect an micro HDMI port but like iPad 2 HDMI will be made available through 30pin dock connector itself. The concept shows really slim iPhone 5, as slim as iPad 2 and yes we can expect such a creation from Apple soon.

More images @Gizmodo.