iPhone 5 Rumors – This is what the world knows about it till now

We don’t know how Apple’s iPhone 5 would look like, what it will be made of and when it will be out in the market. Still, all this never stops us from imagining about the dazzling phone and come up with strong predictions. Most iPhone 5 rumors indicate that the Apple’s upcoming phone will have an increased length over its predecessor. And the list follows. Let us cover in brief what the world knows about iPhone 5 till now.

iPhone 5 Rumors and Features

Screen Size – The current iPhone screen size is 3.5 inches. Many are making predictions that the screen size will be up from 3.5 inches to 4 inches (diagonally) in an attempt to compete with many high end Android smartphones, currently in the market. The new iPhone is expected to sport a slimmer look and if the rumors are to be believed, the new iPhone will be 10mm taller, and 2mm thinner than the iPhone 4/4S. Designers in the Apple’s inventory system are busy designing the new model in Apple’s lab.

Redesign using liquid metal – Many pictures over the internet depicted that iPhone 5 could sport a Liquid metal design which would give the phone extreme strength while still maintaining its thin and light form factor. Liquidmetal is the commercial name given to an amorphous metal alloy that is almost twice as strong as the strongest titanium alloys. It would give iPhone 5 a pleasing look with high body strength.

The metal developed by Caltech in 2003 is being used in manufacturing military, medical, industrial, and sporting goods products. Apple recently acquired license to use this new material technology.

Swappable Camera Lenses: Needless to mention, iPhone 4S already has one of the best camera you will ever notice but Apple is still making an attempt to improve its iPhone’s camera capabilities. The next iPhone is expected to feature an 8MP camera. The company is also planning to upgrade the front-facing camera in iPhone.
Currently, iPhone front camera has a VGA resolution and if  any truth lies in the rumors, Apple will increase the resolution from VGA to HD. This will facilitate video chatting. That’s not all, the latest from the rumors store indicate that the new phone could employ ‘Swappable Camera Lenses’ technology that would allow the new iPhone users to reconfigure the optical arrangement of the device while retaining the benefits of assembling the device using pre-assembled digital imaging sub-system.

Processor and operating system – iPhone5 is expected to come up with better quad-core processor (Apple A6) powered by 1GB of RAM and equipped with ios6 operating system. The new version of iOS is expected to feature a new and improved Maps app, possibly with 3D maps.

NFC Technology – iPhone 5 could come with built-in NFC chips. If so, the Near Field Communications would allow consumers to pay at shops, restaurants using their iPhones. This method of mobile payment is very convenient and very popular these days. Why? The radio range of the chips used for NFC is extremely short ranged and so thought to be very secure for making payments via smartphones.

The technology would allow iPhone users to set preferences, add credit cards, and view bank statements via iTunes account. Not only this, the technology would also allow its users to transfer a copyright-protected file from one device to another that can otherwise be unplayable or totally inaccessible.

Higher capacity models (64GB) – After realizing the fact that iPhone memory fills up much faster developers are including the possibility of cominng up with 32GB and even 64 GB models. This is because the phone stores tons of photos and music, and 16GB is just not enough anymore to meet consumers’ demands.

4G Connectivity Support – Now that the new iPad is supported with LTE/4G high-speed data support, it’s likely that the iPhone will do the same, especially as carriers expand LTE coverage. The concept is not new and not very futuristic so there are much chances of including this feature in the upcoming iPhone.

All said, as Apple will make progress towards releasing iPhone 5, more details/rumors could be expected to leak out.

Image credits – iphoneforums.