iPhone 5 Secrets Revealed

A lot of rumors are flying fast and furious in these days about iPhone 5 is expect to launch in this summer, but I feel very sorry to confirm that the next iPhone 5 won’t be going to production until September, which would result in a late September or an early October release.

According to a report from Concord Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the iPhone 5 will not feature an all-new-design, but rather only “slight modifications” from the iPhone 4. The 5th generation iPhone will be powered by faster A5 processor, already found in the iPad 2, and a rear camera upgrade from 5 megapixels to 8 megapixel. It was  confirmed earlier this month that Sony would be providing 8 megapixel cameras for the iPhone 5. Kuo also said that the device would be implanted with a Qualcomm dual-band chipset for both GSM and CDMA models, along with an superior antenna design.

Due to the natural disaster in Japan, Apple is dealing with limited supplies, It thus plans to focus toward production of the iPhone 5. There is no doubt due to shortage of those components new fifth-generation iPod touch will be postponed for the year.

The upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference is already scheduled for June 6 in San Francisco. In this event Apple has no plans to introduce any new hardware on the other hand hopefully you will see Apple’s revolutionary new iOS version 5 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion operating system. The next generation iPhone looks almost exactly like the iPhone 4 due to similar body design, so it’s hard to predict the sale of iPhone 5 at this point of time.

According to the source we heard that Apple plans an innovative looks and dramatically improved hardware architecture for the sixth-generation iPhone. The iPhone 6 could go on sale in the second Quarter of 2012 and will be significantly redesigned, and have an earlier-than-usual date due to “fierce competition” with Google’s Android mobile platform.

The next white iPhone 4, incidentalley, is arriving on 26th of April in the market.

We will keep you updated, stay tuned!


    1. The important thing is application support.What I am trying say still there too many application and games which run in iphone 4 but they did not utilize the full power of his CPU and retina display.If you run a game “Infinity blade” on iPhone 4 and run any other game you can see the difference with your naked eye.

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