iPhone 5 Just Weeks Away, Coming with Different Design

iPhone 5 with completely different design which was never rumored will be announced in coming weeks.. may be just three. Reported by New York Times today, Apple will be announcing  iPhone 5 with new looks in the first week of October, probably 7th October which will be followed by launch on 15th October.

An Apple Insider reported NY Times that iPhone 5 will not resemble iPhone, neither in nor out. It will be completely newly design with different cosmetics. This is the only new information, as other information reported was a 8mp camera and dual core A5 chip.

However, 9to5Mac reported, iPhone 5 will be followed with iPhone 4S announcement which will resemble to current iPhone 4 and will be build with poor specs for price cut and will be probably called as cheaper iPhone. They say Apple will be having 10+ million ready units in their hand while the launch.

This day even Case-Mate accidentally leaked six new iPhone 5 cases which are indeed totally different from other Chinese cases that we saw all over the internet. These leaked cases for iPhone 5 show’s an all new iPhone 5 slimmer and more lighter. These cases even hints at iPhone 5 with tapered edges. Also New York Times confirmed that newly looking iPhone 5 will be similar to the cases leaked by Case-Mate.

iPhone 5 will be even lighter than the previous one. It will obviously be sporting metal body and not cheap plastic body. Though having metal body it will be as lighter as Samsung Galaxy S II which indeed is pretty cheap built from Samsung (the plastic body)

Another not so good new is, initially there will be iPhone 5 production delay on one assembly line. Therefore it may happen that there will be iPhone 5 shortage in Q1 of 2012. So that may result in iPhone 5 launch in limited countries and that too in limited number.

9to5Mac thinks that both the phones will be announced this month and launched next month, but then what about 7th October announcement. It’s still unknown! And that means as I thought, Ming-Chi Kuo’s report was pointing to iPhone 4S and not iPhone 5.