iPhone 5 – What new features to expect!

Internet forums, blogs, search engines are being bombarded with the same question! “What new is coming in the next generation of iPhone!? Every day there are rumours about some new feature or the other being expected in iPhone 5. However, not all the news and sources can be believed, as some do so to get hits and pages views. After surfing the Internet for this information, here is a list of I what I expect from iPhone 5.


From the prototypes/spare parts those are leaked on the Internet it can be assumed that iPhone 5 will be having same design as that of current generation iPhone 4. It is expected that the glass on the back of iPhone will be replaced by a metal plating, perhaps Aluminium. The iPhone 5 will therefore be still thinner than the current one.

Screen Size

Due to lot’s of competitor in the smartphone market, Apple had to increase its screen size from 3.5″ to 4.0″. Yes, iPhone 5 will be having 4.0″ screen but still less then that of Desire HD & Samsung Galaxy S 2. This screen size increase will increase the height of the iPhone but width will remain the same as it will be fitted edge to edge.


It is expected that Apple will surely go beyond the Retina Display (640 X 960) as it will be must for them to increase the resolution for 4.0inch screen for better display. Its confirmed, but yet doubtful increasing the resolution beyond Retina Display isn’t cheap and that will surely cause problem for the developers.


There aren’t many Camera rivals (except the Nokia N8) in the smartphones, almost all smart phones have 5MP camera which is enough, I guess, for a smartphone. But it is still expected that iPhone 5 will be coming up with 8mp camera and Full HD 1080p video recording.

Model Colors

Since iPhone 4 didn’t appear in White model it is highly predicted that iPhone 5 will come in both White as well as Black models. (Hint! iPad 2 release.)

CDMA Model

iPhone 4 is already out in its CDMA version for Verizon Wireless Network and the same will be carried towards the iPhone 5 may be with Verizon or may be with other carrier.

iOS 5

Its confirmed! iOS 5 will be released with the release of iPhone 5 at WWDC 2011, with lot’s of new features and new multi-touch gestures.


The most interesting part! iPhone 4 competitors are increasing day by day with some unexpected features and hardware specifications. Therefore its must for Apple to make iPhone 5 which could be something extraordinary, the hardware specifications makes it so.

iPhone 5 will be coming up with A5 Dual-core processor for much better performance than the current generation. Apple has already released iPad 2 with A5 processor chip but benchmarks states that A4 processor chip performs better than the A5, that’s really shocking. But its confirmed! iPhone 5 is coming up with A5 Dual-core processor.

Along with new processor, greater amount of RAM is must and Yes!, iPhone 5 will be coming up with 512MB’s of extra RAM thus making total of 1GB RAM so better multitasking can be achieved.


iPhone 4 was huge hit of 2010, its release was successful and even the sales. It proved No.#1 in all aspects i.e awarded as best smartphone of 2010 also the antenna gate arrived in early sales was regarded as the biggest FAIL! of 2010… yes seriously!

iPhone 5 is trying to cope up with the toughest competitors Galaxy S 2 and Motorola Atrix 4G could again achieve the best smartphone medal. Just stay tuned over the WWDC 2011 (Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference 2011) happening in June 2011.

Stay tuned! something awesome is coming!

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