iPhone 5 is going to be a WORLD PHONE, supporting both GSM and CDMA

Till this year Apple manufactured only GSM capable iPhone(s) which was added with a CDMA capable Verizon iPhone 4 this year. Verizon sales never ever got such a boost in their sales after selling CDMA iPhone 4 and this made clear that the demand for CDMA iPhone is never the less.

The entire hardware architecture of both the GSM and CDMA phones is totally different and right now if you see iPhone 4 GSM and CDMA has difference it its dimensions (though not a major difference but just a slight micrometers) that’s because of different technologies used in both the phones.

Users of GSM and CDMA phones are not less at all, both in USA as well as rest of the world. Most of the countries are still dependent on CDMA technology and that’s why WORLD PHONE will survive there. Both GSM and CDMA supporting iPhone is used by very few people as the leak App store usage logs states that few apps have been registered with different kind of iPhone which is not yet available. It seems that Apple still will be selling GSM and CDMA iPhones and alongside will bring a hybrid phone which is combination of both. A World phone is already brought into market by Motorola Mobility (Google Mobility) which is Photon 4G by Sprint.

Reports also say, Sprint will be selling away iPhone 5 in October could this will be the hint? Already Motorola Photon 4G (World Phone) is sold by Sprint and now it seems Sprint will be adding iPhone 5 (another World Phone) to it’s rack. A World phone always go better, Apple will be going with 4G LTE network support (It should) in that case CDMA technology will prove to be the best among the United States users. For rest world users we say GSM!

Check out our exclusive rendering of rumored iPhone 5, in case if you want to know how it will look.