Rumor: Apple iPhone 5S coming on June 20, will feature iOS 7 sporting a flat new look

A Japanese carrier has revealed that the next generation iPhone will be called iPhone 5S and will be revealed on June 20. It will be available in the Apple stores in July and will come with 13 MP rear camera, 2 MP front facing camera with full HD recording and dual simultaneous shot functionality in camera. There is no credibility to authenticate the reliability and accuracy of the document so stay tuned for the official Apple announcement as Apple has been known to shake things up before their official releases.

iPhone 5S leak

In another report, the ‘iPhone 5S’ will run on iOS 7 which will undergo a major revamp. Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design, Jony Ive is leading the team working on iOS 7 and digital space is stuffed with the rumors that the UI will sport a ‘very flat’ look under his command. The shutter effect in the camera, shadows and gloss for the icons established that iOS is always having a thing for skeuomorphism but with the passage of time it has been replaced with the likes of leather, paper, wood etc. penetrating its clean UI.

iOS will reportedly sport a cleaner modern look. It remains to be seen to what extent it would implement this in its UI. Since Apple has been largely conventional in its approach to UI, so a complete overhaul is ruled out but it is high time Apple gave a new life and visual appeal to iOS. Android has since its launch been revamped a couple of times and has brought something exciting with its every new release.

iOS 7 Concept Dashboard

It is a popular consumer demand to bring some of the best features of Android to iOS including Widgets, USB Mass Storage, Live wallpapers, Quick settings in Notification panel, Flash Player support, Changeable themes, default applications etc. We expect Apple to surrender once more to consumer demands and bring them a visual treat lined up with some of the above features fantasized by many Apple fans.

Submitting to consumer demands will be a win-win situation for both since we have seen Android Smartphones and tablets recently overtake iPhones and iPads respectively and satisfying consumer demands will bring back or turn many Android fan-boys. We will keep you posted on more information and rumours related to everything Apple and non-Apple, so stay tuned to our blog and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest for more such information.