iPhone Case Manufacturer Accidentally Reveals, Then Pulls Back iPhone 5 Images

Oops! Case-mate, which is the popular iPhone case manufacturer, leaks the image of iPhone 5 in their landing page of new iPhone cases accidently (or for attention of media?) It launched a page which was revealing the new case designs of next iPhone 5. BGR reported the leak and got tremendous views and debates.

iPhone 5 Images accidently leaked or purposely

But soon after some time, Case-mate has pulled the page after the new spread across the web. Check the image above of their first leak of iPhone 5.

That page also revealed that Apple will be launching iPhone 4S as well as iPhone 5 together. Mostly, this can be true and we have many rumors and proofs to support it. By the way, now if you go to same page, it shows the different image and it has a subscribe form and it suggest that iPhone 4S will be releasing along with iPhone 5. The updated page screenshot can be seen below.

If the leaked image is accidentally revealed, then the Apple iPhone will be having aluminum back and tapered edge, which can be seen in iPad 2. And if 2 variants released, then iPhone 4S will be the upgraded version of iPhone 4 with iPhone 5 features and iPhone 5 will be the complete new design and features.

However, Techcrunch has pointed out that Apple will not provide dummy devices before the launching of devices so these images can be just edited photos and it contains no truth. Let us wait for the actual release and what is special in iPhone 5.

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