iPod Touch 4G cases and covers

iPod the ultimate gadget for portable music.  Phenomenal in working, sexy in looks and stores loads of music. What makes it best selling is its look and style. It is extremely simple to handle. Smooth outer surface so it can easily slide in your pocket.

Well there are some covers we spotted this time in market that could add more attraction to the iPod. There are some things you can add to any gadget for hardly any cost and make it look a next generation one. This segment we bring you some of the best iPod covers in the market. From simple to complex, sweet to sexy and sleek to custom style we have them all.

Here are they:

1.)    Blue Flower 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover by Electromaster.
This is a killer in its looks. What impresses me is the beautiful flower design on both front and back cover. It is sleek, unique and fits absolutely for music lovers. Apart from the looks it has a precise openings on the protector case to allow access to all controls and features on the iPod Touch. Here is how it looks.

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2.)    Snap-On Protector Hard Case for iPod Touch.
This is the ultimate safari look iPod case. Having a Zebra looks on the back cover makes it stylish. It is hard plastic and extremely smooth of the outer surface. What I find more cool about this is its dust and scratch proof surface. Made for perfect fit. Protect your iPod Touch without compromising it’s original slim look. All stylish and rock star band people this one suited you better.

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3.)    MyBat Apple iPod Touch 4G Diamante Protector Cover – Bubble
 This is the jewelry style cover and latest and coolest so far. Has a wonderfully crafted diamond studs on the outer cover makes it look beautiful. Well it looks complex for simple people. All the jewelry loving girls there could be nothing better than this for you.

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4.)    Dog Paw 2d Hard Snap-on Crystal Skin Case Cover
The name itself tells you the design. Having beautiful design of dogs paw makes it look sweet. Well the effects are great. It looks so good when it shines. Utter smooth and elegant to use. All the pet lovers this one is for you.

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5.)    Gummy Cover – Transparent Clear/Solid Black (S Shape)
Finally we have something for office workers. Simple and attractive case for iPod. The unique combination of hard and soft casing gives this case an unmatched look. The case is great for those are seeking a fresh new design for their phones as well as protection and full access. This also suites people who do little bit rough with their gadgets as it is strong and heavy duty. Here it is how it looks

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