iRoom iDock – The Perfect Room for Your iPad

iPad is a device which is being used by most of the users as a handheld computer and a portable personal assistant. Whether you need to have some funny games or have to checkout the latest buzz around the world, or need to update your blog on the go – your iPad is right there with you.

But where is your iPad when you are not working on it?

On your desk? Beside your laptop? Or somewhere else which you will need to take time to think? Don’t you feel like your iPad needs some better, probably some special, treatment?

Your iPad’s Special Friend

iRoom iDock – an accessory by Bracketron, which can be used to wall mount your iPad. You can charge your iPad using iDock and use it very securely within the wall tray. It actually has one touch sensor, which closes the iDock when it detects that an iPad is set fit within it.

iRoom iDock

Ideal Usage

It is said to be ideal for both commercial and residential purposes. If there is a power failure, the dock opens up to release the iPad fixed onto it. Installing it is recommended to be done only by professionals.

It is available in landscape and portrait models and can be purchased on Bracketron, a site that has been known well for its accessories for mobile devices. It is the official distributor of iRoom iDock in the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Eminent Features

  • The iRoom iDock will fit into any wall in a room with powerful internal audio connections. Whenever someone goes near it, the iDock recognizes them and automatically switches it on to open position to insert the iPad onto it.
  • It will remain open for 10 seconds and then will close automatically. This option can be disabled wherein you can take your own time to fit in the iPad onto the iRoom iDock.
  • iRoom iDock landscape model can be used to view presentations and movies on the iPad.
  • It also supports connection of the dock to fingerprint entry system or a keypad precisely.
  • The audio output can be used to connect the iPad to sound systems and enjoy hearing songs from them.
  • All iRoom iDock come with 2 years warranty.iRoom iDock

Measurements and Available Color Options

It measures around 220 x 310 x 66.8mm. The mount’s faceplate known as bezel, will come in three colors basically, piano black, brushed aluminum and opal white. People who would like it to be color customized also can get to do so to suit their walls. iRoom iDock can carry and mount both iPad and iPad 2 for the time being.

Video Demo

Checkout the official Product page of iRoom iDock.