IXOOST – Out of the World speakers for iPhone and iPod

Ever wondered what could be the ‘Best Speakers’ that money could buy for your iPhone and iPods? Well I really have no idea about that, but I surely know some really cool and ‘Out of the World’ speakers that is sure to grab everyone’s attention.

Best speakers for iPhone and iPod


A company named IXOOST in Modena has made something really new and different. They have designed an ‘Audio System’ for the iPhone and iPod which resemble the ‘Exhaust’ and ‘Engine’ parts of Automobiles. And the most interesting part is that the every Audio System is entirely hand built in Modena by local craftsmen.

The unique design and personal touch makes these products very rare and unique and definitely a collectible for all those ‘Apple Fans who are into Bikes and Cars’ and for all those ‘Automobile Fans who are into Apple Devices’.

As stated by IXOOST, the docks are colourful, finished with high-quality leather coupled with the exhaust manifolds to create fantastic combinations which are a pleasure for the heart as much as for the eye. And on top of all this, you can listen to your favorite music through these extremely innovative loudspeakers featuring a 140W active subwoofer. Its exceptional sound quality and fine acoustic detail provides this dock station with an unequalled listening experience.


If these IXOOST Audio Systems have got you interested, then there is another interesting thing I want you to know. IXOOST have also made a special app that is available in the Apple App Store for a decent price of $0.99. So if you want the best of experience to come to you, I strongly suggest you try out this App as well!

The options and settings in these App have also been created in a very interesting and innovative manner. You are sure to enjoy the combined experience of IXOOST if you can get your hands on one of their models.

If you are really interested in checking out all the designs available, and want to find out more about IXOOST you can visit their official site here. There are no direct options to buy their Audio Systems from the official website though. But you surely can contact them and find out more!