Jolla’s first Smartphone runs Sailfish OS, Android apps, pre-order now

Jolla, which was founded by ex-Nokia employees who continued development of MeeGO OS which Nokia left off before jumping to Windows Phone bandwagon, has announced its first Smartphone which runs Sailfish OS on a 4.5 inch “Estrade” display. It will be powered by a dual core processor, an 8 MP camera and 16 GB internal storage along with expansion via a Micro SD card slot.

Jolla Smartphone 1

The Smartphone will also be compatible with Android apps although no details were given how it will be compatible and how users will acquire the apps. The only thing mentioned was that it will have support for Android apps along with native apps written for Linux-based OS. Jolla was formed in 2011 and is made by directors and core professionals on the N9 project who left Nokia. The phone will cost about 400 Euros or about US$510. The phone is also 4G-enabled and comes with a replaceable battery, which is a boon for power users.

The interface consists of thumbnails of open applications on the home screen which allows users to tap on them to access the main feature or to scroll from side-to-side for multiple features. The back cover plates are called “The Other Half” and they will be able to automatically adjust fonts, ringtones, profiles etc. in addition to giving you a new back plate color for your phone.

Marc Dillion, Jolla’s co-founder and software head added:

The true multitasking is working in lots of different applications. You can have a video running in a thumbnail while you are doing something else on the device


The Smartphone is currently available for a few European countries but Jolla says it’ll expand its availability in the future. The Smartphone is expected to ship before the year end. Three options for pre-order are available – a no cost option that will only reserve the phone, a 40 Euro option that will give you a “limited edition” phone, a T-shirt and a “priority” status for your order and a 100 Euro option that will give you an additional back cover, a T-shirt and 100 Euros off the price of the handset.

If you’re not willing to confirm the order before the phone starts shipping, go for the first option otherwise if you’re willing to bet on Sailfish OS and Jolla startup, then the third option seems to be the best since it gets you a lot of free goodies at no effective extra cost. You can pre-order the Smartphone here if it is available for your country. Leave your comments below and follow us on Twitter, Google+ and Facebook for more such news on tablets and gadgets.