JVC Announced GY-HM150 ProHD Camcorder (Price, Availability and Specs)

JVC has announced a new handheld camcorder HM150 ProHD, which is the next version of their popular camcorder GY-HM100, which is used amongst the most popular journalists around the globe. JVC HM150 ProHD camcorder will be the next popular camcorder among the journalist as it features a new encoder and digital signal processor to support HD recording as well as Standard Definition (SD) right away, which can be seen in the JVC 700 series camcorders.

JVC GY-HM150 offers full HD 1080i, 1080p and 720p recording in many different frames and bit rates. Other JVC’s standard features such as native file recording, shoot-to-edit workflow provides mp4 files for NLE systems and .mov files for Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. 480i SD recording and normal DVI recording (.avi or .mov) can also be done with this Camcorder.

You can record to non-proprietary SDHC media cards (ProHD cards) and new type of SDXC cards as well. These new type of cards comes with upto 128GB memory. You can directly record to the both memory cards in a single time, which can be helpful to use as a backup of important recordings.

A new caching feature (Pre Rec or retro cache) is used in the JVC GY-HM150 Camcorder, which can stores upto 5 seconds of recordings in cache memory continuously and a new time-interval recording feature also introduced in this camcorder. Inbuilt Clip Cutter feature also introduced to trim unwanted footage from the beginning of track as well as the end of the track, which will help you to save memory card space.

LCD Monitor and color viewfinder has been upgraded from its predecessors. It has 3.5mm input for remote controls for zoom, focus and other similar functions. So, camera functionality operation is improved when using jibs and cranes. These new features will allow you to use the GY-HM150 camcorder in small studio applications.

In GY-HM150 camcorder, manual controls also improvised with an iris dial near to the six user-assignable buttons and built-in Fujinon 10:1 HD zoom lens. You will get a shotgun mic, manual audio level controls with audio meter and 2 XLR audio inputs with phantom power with the new pack.

JVC GY-HM150 ProHD camcorder Price and Availability:

This multi-featured GY-HM150 ProHD camcorder will be available in the mid-October and the price tag is at approximately $3,495 only.

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