K3b: A powerful disc burner for Linux.

Compact disks are not compact anymore. There are USBs, HDDs and etc. that occupied the space of CDs. But still CD’s still has some part left in our life. Sometimes burning them can very painful, either the burning software is too slow or it just hangs down. But K3b won’t disappoint you.

K3b Features

  1. Burn files by just dragging them to the bottom pane
  2. Burn Video CDs and DVDs
  3. Rip video discs into DivX or XviD encoding
  4. Support for multisession disc

K3b is effortlessly the most powerful disk burner on Linux. It has got a pretty interface menu and you have the choice to burn any type of disc. The interface is nicely loaded with features like allowing over burning, forcing “unsafe” operations and you also get the choice not to eject the disc after burning. Its interface is easy to use with an option to drag and drop the files to the bottom pane for burning.

Though if you are a Blu- Ray or an HD junky, then K3b would disappoint you, because it can’t deal with any of the above. It also isn’t that simple to use for beginners. And also it is a KDE program which means if you run any other desktop environment it will require some dependencies to install, which most of the users don’t like.

Some of you might be thinking what happened to the default Brasero. Well, nothing went wrong! It has got a pretty beginners interface and also it is not a KDE program, which means you are free to change desktop environments. But what it lacks is the power to burn, which would dishearten you a lot if it hangs down while burning the disk.

But Blu Ray junkies are still in doubt that which burner is for them. For all the Blu Ray users, you may have to shell out some bucks on Nero to handle all your Blu Ray burning chores. It is available for USD 19.99 which is much more affordable than windows version.


We would suggest you to go with K3b if you are not a Blu Ray user and dependencies doesn’t bugs you. Overall, a powerful disk burner loaded with some pretty nice features.

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