Kaspersky Planning to Develop a secure OS for the organizstions where Security is Vital

Unhappy with the current state of cyber security and defenslessness of industrial systems, Eugene Kaspersky, the CEO of Kaspersky Labs thought of coming up with a new and secure operating system for SCADA and ICS computers. The news was making rounds for sometime, until now!

some days ago, in his blog post Eugene discussed his company’s plans on developing its own operating system to be used for industrial systems.

Why for industrial systems first? One of the most important things in a company is maintaining the confidentiality of the data and IT administrators are encouraged to isolate infected systems from non-infected systems.

So, if on the corporate file server a Trojan is detected, the simplest thing to do is disconnect the infected system from the network and then later start to tackle the problem. Therefore, the need of a more secure operating system.

Also, some anti-virus developers firmly believe, the Kaspersky Lab came up with the idea after the incident with the Stuxnet virus that struck PCs at an Iranian uranium enrichment facility and the Flame Trojan.

Chances are, Kaspersky’s new secured and very own operating system will be used for industrial facilities and probably in aviation, transport and other services too.

So far, no details about the architecture of the operating system under development have been unveiled. However, Eugene promises to it in the days to come. Although this (developing a secure OS) appears as a risky and complicated business, the daredevil Kaspersky team is determined to go.

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