Keep track of your Facebook Likes with LikeJournal

Every time you Like a post, a person or a website using the Facebook Like button, it is posted on your Facebook page. Over a period of time it becomes difficulty to keep track of or remember all your “Likes”. This is where LikeJournal can help you.

LikeJournal is a social bookmarking site powered by the Facebook Like Button that provides you with quick access to your recent likes as well as a search function so you can start using Likes instead of browser bookmarks.

LikeJournal helps you keep track of your Facebook Likes and your friends’ Likes by saving them as social bookmarks you can easily search and browse with just one click.

If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can download the browser extension to get the most out of it. The extension is what lets you track your likes of webpages in addition to Facebook Pages.

Links: LikeJournal Website | Chrome extension |  Firefox Add-on.


  1. Thanks for the great review of LikeJournal. We just launched, so stay tuned for more features and keep the feedback coming!

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