Leaked ROM of Samsung Galaxy S III makes S Voice available for Android ICS Devices

The Samsung Galaxy S III firmware was leaked on XDA Developer’s forum before the official launch of the device. The ROM of Samsung Galaxy S III isn’t out yet, but some developers have been able to dig out some of the elements of Samsung Galaxy S III ROM. The elements which have shown up out of the Samsung Galaxy S III ROM are its APK (Application Package) and the S Voice, which is similar to the Apple’s Siri. The S Voice feature was one of the spotlights during the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III on 3rd May in UK.

S Voice Tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The S Voice is out there for the Android ICS v4.0. The S Voice has been tested on Samsung Galaxy Nexus and it ran without giving any troubles to the user. Though S Voice crashed a couple of times when it was used for more than 45 minutes.

S Voice can’t be judged on the basis of leaked software. We are still waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S III to arrive in our Gadget’s lot. But the S Voice is very much similar to Siri. Even the microphone icon in the S Voice is similar to that of Siri. The S Voice is deeply connected with the Android OS and lets you send messages to your friends, set events on your Calendar. Voice recognition of S Voice is brilliant. But it isn’t as good as Siri.

We noticed that S Voice isn’t tuned on the natural voice conversation as Siri. Siri used to give some Vocal answers to the personal response type questions like “I am thinking about having beer in the evening” whereas S Voice just provides web search Suggestions which pop out the beer shops and bars present in your locality. The S Voice redirects to Google almost every time you put on an interrogative sentence.

On the overall basis, The S Voice is the closest to Siri. It still needs to improve a lot. But let’s see what happens when we taste S Voice in The Samsung Galaxy S III. Just wait for Samsung Galaxy S III to arrive

Source: The Verge.