Leaked S-Voice APK blocked by Samsung and Vlingo

S-Voice, Samsung’s new exclusive feature for new flagship phone Galaxy S III and a true answer to Siri from Apple which has been leaked on the web last weekend is facing the block from the Samsung. The news of leak made our weekend very interesting, but just sometime after that  Samsung and Vlingo have started blocking the leaked APKs of Samsung S-Voice.

Earlier this Siri clone was reported to be working on all the Android devices running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Leaked S-Voice apk blocked by Samsung as they say it is an exclusive feature only for new flagship devices.

If you haven’t tried it, don’t bother to do as it will end up with an error message. Since Galaxy S III is not yet released, all the request which were processed directly came from other smartphone instead of Galaxy S III. This made Samsung easy to block all the requests from the servers.

S-Voice sends data to the Vlingo servers where the user devices are identified. All those request which doesn’t identify Galaxy S III are easily blocked.

Samsung has tried it’s best to make the Siri competitor, but couldn’t make it so fluid as Siri. S-Voice doesn’t recognize the natural speech as Siri does. The normal speaking accent or moods are not exactly understood. S-Voice seems like one of the many apps which responds to your voice request. It cannot be called as an exact Siri clone.

With S-Voice, complete Galaxy S III ROM was leaked earlier. This custom ROM brings the all new TouchWiz user interface along with some exclusive features like eye-tracking software built only for Galaxy S III on your existing Android 4.0 devices.

The hope of using S-Voice on the existing devices is no more. So those who are eager to use it, you will have to wait for the official launch, which is happening just next week in Europe and India. There is still no report on the launch date in U.S.